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Welcome to the home page for the Highland Hundred – the official booster club for the University of Memphis Tigers! Make yourself at home and enjoy the many features of this site and we hope you will join us in our cause of helping take Tiger Football to the highest levels of success.
Memberships: Student/2012-13 Graduate-FREE, Single-$125, Family-$225, Coaches Circle-$325, Corporate-$375
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If you currently have a Tiger Lane space and want to try to move your location, CLICK HERE to complete the Tiger Lane Move Request form. You must be a 2014 member must have paid for current parking BEFORE making the request. There is NO GUARANTEE you will be able to move. Opportunities are only available if spaces are vacated. See our FAQ Page for more Tiger Lane information. Completing this form is the ONLY way to get on the Move Request list.

If you do not have a Tiger space and want to get on the Waiting List, CLICK HERE to complete our Waiting List form. You must renew 2014 membership BEFORE you can be added to the Waiting List. There is NO GUARANTEE you will obtain a Tiger Lane space. See our FAQ Page for more Tiger Lane information.

NOTE: The only way to get on the Waiting List is by completing the form online using the link above (credit card only). We WILL NOT take requests in person.


The University of Memphis is not represented in the College Football Hall of Fame. Spook Murphy has been on the list for about twenty years, but has not been voted in.

At our last Highland Hundred meeting we heard Tom Bowen, our AD, and Chuck Molinski, head of the local chapter of the College Football Hall of Fame, talk about the effort to get Spook Murphy elected into the Hall of Fame. Your help is necessary.

This link will take you to the website where you can join on-line or print out an application. The next step will be in late February or early March when you receive the ballot on the back of the College Football Hall of Fame magazine. Spook Murphy will be on the ballot and you will need to cast your vote for him then.

We can make this happen! It takes us to join and vote.
Vote for Spook!

The link below is a link to the College Football Hall of Fame promotional video. It lasts about 7 minutes and is very interesting.
Promo Video
Here are a few notes regarding HH membership for 2014:

(1) If you have a personal email account (such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) please use it rather than your email account from an employer. On several occasions we have lost contact with a member because the email tied to their Highland Hundred account was from their employer email and they were no longer with the same employer. You can easily add your company email as a secondary email, but please use a personal email as your primary if possible.

(2) Membership Pricing is unchanged:
Current Students/2013-14 Graduates are FREE
Single = $125
Family = $225
Coaches Circle = $325
Corporate = $375

(3) For those of you with RV spaces, you must have at least a FAMILY level membership.

(4) We are offering a new option this year to have your membership cards/parking passes delivered to you. For a $20 processing and shipping fee, we will deliver your passes to your home. This is strictly optional. There is a section on the paper form and the online form to use this option. If you do not want to have your passes delivered, we will provide several opportunities for you to pick them up as we have done for many years.

Don't forget to look at our FAQ page for answers to many common questions we get for the Highland Hundred. Most membership and parking questions are addressed. If there is something you can't find on our FAQ page, send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible.